2013 Amy Dombroski Memorial Dolores Cross

2013 Amy Dombroski Memorial Dolores Cross

Ride/Race Schedule - to add event - Email: ciclistasdelrio@gmail.com

Friday, November 23, 2007

Free Bike Journal

If you are interested in logging your miles, bikejournal.com is a free option on the web. You can track different bikes and kinds of rides while customizing the journal to set up columns of interest to you (ride time, routes, speed, HR, etc.).

I have also set up Ciclistas del Rio as a club on the site so you can attach yourself to the club and see how many miles our club members are racking up. The password to join our club is "ciclistas". If you have questions or need some help, send me an email.


Monday, November 19, 2007

November Meeting Minutes

Ciclistas del Rio
General Meeting
November 16, 2007
Minutes Taken By Doug Lamunyon

New Business:

I. USA Cycling Membership
- $150 to formalize club membership
- Some liability coverage
- Will need to promote a cycling eventI

I. Officers
- USA Cycling needs officers' names
- Lance Webster – President
- Michael Henderson – Vice-president

III. Dues
1. Goals for using club dues income
- USA Cycling Membership- Train some officials (Tom Miller expressed interest; MB McAfee will also be approached)
- Promote a local cycling event
- Possibly occasionally pay race entry fees for club members
2. Membership structure
A. Basic (Recreational?) Membership
- $20
- Join club rides
- Purchase club jersey/shorts through Sol Cycles at 15% discount
- 15% Sol Cycles discount

B. Racing Membership
- $60
- Join club rides
- Custom club clothing orders at 40% discount
- Order Hutchison tires at 40% discount
- Order Hammer / E-Caps products at 40% discount
- Order Time shoes / pedals at 40% discount
- 20% Sol Cycles discount* The Hutchison/Hammer/Time products are available through our relationship with Michael Engleman and the United States Women's Cycling Development Program. Ciclistas hopes to support the program's commitment to Dolores by using their sponsors' products.

IV. Communications
1. Flyer
- Michael Henderson offered to create a flyer to promote the club, show ride maps, and list ride times.
2. Email lists
- Coordinate email lists with Durango Wheel Club and Cortez cycling club's email list
3. Promote club rides on the KSJD community calendar
4. Blog: http://ciclistasdelrio.blogspot.com/
- Members are encouraged to coordinate personalized rides through the blog

V. Event possibilities (A goal of one event was set for next year)
1. Cyclocross (seemed to be a good place to start)
- The minimally marketed events that Lance Webster coordinated this fall were well attended (25 riders started the third race – an established race like Escalante Days brings in 100 riders)
- Promote Dolores as the early season (September) place to ride cross
- Practice events at Boggy Draw leading up to the formal race
- Formal event in Dolores
- Partner with other towns to be a part of a cross series
- USWCDP would try to bring in some riders for a skills clinic (could happen in coordination with the formal race weekend or maybe as a part of Escalante Days)
- Cyclocross is a race that would not be a major undertaking for our first cycling event
2. Spring Classic Dirt Road Ride (future event?)
- 20-mile loop in Lewis
3. Support an endurance mountain bike race that Scott Pendleton wants to coordinate
4. Considerations
- An event that will need some financial commitment from the town of Dolores will need to be taken to the town quickly as they are finishing their budget soon
- Calendars need to be coordinated so we don't conflict with other popular events
- Events need volunteers

VI. Club Ride Possibilities
1. Sunday rides
- Encourage and support more levels of riders
- Maybe split the group at half way so recreational and more avid riders can then pursue their own pace
- Support recreational riders by providing a ride leader/trailer to help with equipment issues, etc.
2. Weekday evening ride
- Wednesday's were discussed as a mountain bike ride
3. Training ride schedules
- Coordinate training schedules for specific events (Iron Horse, Ride the Rockies)
4. Develop a ladies ride
5. More personalized rides can be organized via the blog

VII. Club Clothing
1. Tread graphic needs to be smoothed out
2. USWCDP will be added to the jersey
3. Need to develop a priced schedule for sponsors on the jersey
4. Club needs to get together and take a picture in kits to send to sponsors
5. Jeff Fox will help with vectorizing images if needed
6. Next order will be mid to late January

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Boggy Cross # 3

On Sunday, October 28th Ciclistas del Rio hosted
Race # 2 for the Marilyn Fund. Combined the two
races raised $515. A big thanks to all the spectators,
all the racers ,and all the contributors.
Top 5:
1. Cale Redpath
2. Chad Wells
3. Greg Lewis
4. Greg Carpenter
5. Colin Osborne
Twenty-five riders made the official start.

Cale gives ...

and Cale receives.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Ciclistas del Rio

The Ciclistas del Rio club was represented at the 24 Hours of Moab mountain bike race this year by a 4 person team consisting of local riders; Brian Bluemle, Jeff Fox, Terry Gorsuch and Tom Miller. We overcame a few difficulties (me suffering from a miserable cold, Tom flatting on Pugsley in the middle of the night, Terry suffering vision problems during his 1:30 a.m. lap, and Brian breaking a crucial pivot bolt on the bike borrowed from John Tomac right before his first lap) to finish 13th out of 94 teams. Everyone stayed upright and avoided injury which is always foremost in importance during any bike race.

We had a blast, although it may have been hard to convince us of that fact during that 3rd night lap in the early a.m. hours. There is a special feeling about being out on course cranking away through the desert when the majority of the world is sound asleep. For those that have done a 24 hour race, you know exactly what I am talking about, for those that haven't, I recommend trying it, even it is in the "Just for Fun" class. Next stop on the tour is 24 Hours of Old Pueblo in Tucson, AZ during February. We have one local team organized for the single speed class but it would be great to show up in force with a couple of teams. There are solo, duo, and 4 person classed. Any interest?

Here is a link to a cool slide show of this years 24 Hours of Moab:

Boggy Cross #2: Race for Marilyn and Gareth

Boggy Cross #2 was well attended with 14 riders contributing $264.00 towards the medical expenses of Marilyn Cieszykowski.

Top 5 Results:

1) Travis Brown
2) Rob Schmidt
3) Cale Redpath
4) Jesse from FLC
5) David Paquette

Steve showin' some skills.

While Jesse and Dave ran,

Cale rode the rocky climb in style

Gilby's knee survived the log barriers.

Rob rode the really steep run-up. Well done!

Travis won and smiled even brighter when he selected a growler of Stout from Dolores River Brewing as his prize.


Day 2 we raced in the rain. Fortunately I'm ahead of this chasing group; unfortunately, I'm chasing two guys. Fortunately, the chasing group never caught me; unfotunately, I never caught the two leaders.

Chasing another orange LeMond -- I wonder if he's running clinchers?

Day One ended after 15 minutes. It helps when the tire stays glued to the rim.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Report from Boggy Cross

Dogs included, spectators out numbered riders 1.5 to 1. Alas, Michael laments, no beer tent.

There are some fast sections ...

A hill to ride or to run ...

Some logs to run over ...

And a really steep wall to run up.

Boggy Cross will run again on Sunday, October 7th at 11:00 AM -- if we can confirm at least 5 starters. Comment here or send an email to confirm your interest and for directions to the course. Mountain bikes are welcome.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's not the World Championship Course in Hooglede-Gits, Belgium. There won't be many spectators; there won't be a giant white beer tent; there probably won't even be as many racers as in this picture.

But, a CX Practice Course has been set on Boggy Draw. It's located off the main road (FR 527), about 2 miles up from the parking lot just east of the cattle guard at the end of CR W. It has some fast single track, three dismounts, one steep run up, and a surprsingly difficult rock strewn power climb. Check it out.

On Sunday, September 30th, the Ciclistas del Rio will host a practice race beginning at 11:00AM. Riders can choose to ride for either 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Mountain bikes are welcome. There is no entry fee for Ciclistas members, but non-members are encouraged to make a donation. Prizes will mostly likely include pints from the Dolores River Brewery, and whatever else we can round up.

Monday, September 17, 2007

The roads weren't quite this wet on Sunday, but we did get wet. It's incredible that we started Sunday rides back in June and that it took until September for it to rain on us.

Note to Ciclistas -- it never hurts to have rain cape. See Scott at Sol Cycles if you need one. Steve would agree that it's $20 well spent. Similarly, if you ride bare-legged in the rain, you might want to consider some 'verwarmende balsem' --that's warming balm from Belgium.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Boure Bike Fest

Boure Bike Fest runs next week in and around Durango from September 16-22. Check out http://www.boure.com/ for a complete schedule including routes, start times, start locations, and opportunities to ride with Ned Overend. To the right is last year's group picture taken at Lemon resevoir. I rode the Coal Bank Pass Day; our group only numbered about a dozen at the top of the Pass, but we had great fall weather and a gas station lunch at Needles. Yum, Yum!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pretty Bike

Ciclistas del Rio's team of journalists has scooped the world wide web debut of Mara Abbott's custom US National Champion's custom Orbea frameset. Mara is the US Women's Cycling Development Programs premier rider. Anyone notice the stacked rock of the Dolores Library?

Check out her latest diary at Cyclingnews. http://www.cyclingnews.com/riders/2007/diaries/uswcdp/?id=uswcdp0713

And VeloNews has a story on Mara linked via the RSS feed in the upper right corner of the blog.

Monday, August 27, 2007

representin' at Esalante

Hola ciclistas, here are some pics from some sightings of the sweet club jersey at the Escalante Days race this year. Tough race, but the Ciclistas pulled through!
All club members have been invited to post in this blog, so if you have a ride you'd like to organize, event results, pictures, links -- whatever -- try posting it here.

2012 Dolores CX Results

2012 Dolores CX Results
Any questions concerning the results, please email CiclistasdelRio@gmail.com