2013 Amy Dombroski Memorial Dolores Cross

2013 Amy Dombroski Memorial Dolores Cross

Ride/Race Schedule - to add event - Email: ciclistasdelrio@gmail.com

Saturday, December 19, 2009

End of season sale

The USWCDP is having an end of season sale. Various sizes of road bikes, CX bikes, TT bikes, wheels, parts and more. Contact Michael Engleman if you are interested in a list and prices: m.engleman@uswcdp.org

Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Years Day Ride

Lets start the year off right - on the bike! 12:00 at Parque da Vida in Cortez. Meet in the parking lot by the baseball field. 1.5 - 2 hours of riding at a social pace on whatever dry pavement we can find. Cancellation because of weather will be reported on the blog.

End of Year Survey

Please take some time to fill out an online survey for Ciclistas del Rio. It is important for us to reflect on our year. Your feedback will help us determine how we are doing and how we can improve. The survey expires December 27.

Click here to take survey

Thank you for your help.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Dol CX 09 - Men's A

Photos in the slide show are courtesy of Kent Wells. You can follow him on Twitter: @kentwells Still looking for photos from the other races... ciclistasdelrio@gmail.com if you can help.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dolores CX Race 2009 Results

Dolores Cyclocross Race
November 8, 2009 | Joe Rowell Park | Dolores, Colorado

Women's Open
Place Bib Name Team
1 312 Rebecca Much Hudz/Subaru
2 302 Carmen Small Colavita
3 316 Teal Stetson-Lee FLC
4 315 Lauren Hall Hudz/Subaru
5 314 Kristen Kuhn FLC
6 317 Tinker Duclo 2 Rivers Cycling
7 309 Sarah Sturm FLC
8 300 Martha Iverson DCCX
9 303 Betsy Richards Straberry Fields
10 307 Jackie Smith Smith Racing
11 313 Lauren Taylor Irish Embassy
12 305 Stephanie Roberts DWC
13 301 Stephanie Falls FLC
DNF 304 Kristen Johnson Velo Bella
DNF 308 Missy Erickson FLC

Men's A
Place Bib Name Team
1 34 Troy Wells Clif Bar
2 25 Matt Shiver Rocky Mountain Chocolate
3 22 Alex Howes Clif Bar
4 26 Grant Berry Rocky Mountain Chocolate
5 27 Travis Brown Trek
6 11 Ned Overend Boure
7 24 Chad Wells Hudz/Subaru
8 28 Brendan Shafer Wooly Mammoth
9 14 Robin Guillaume
10 38 Dustin Wanstrath Tamarack
11 21 Michael Carroll DCCX
12 29 Mike Stevens FLC
13 6 Jesse Dekrey FLC
14 30 Chad Cheeney Durango DEVO
15 31 Frank Mapel
16 39 Trevor Downing FLC
17 36 Lucas Perez
18 32 Miles Venzara Directory Plus
19 33 Nick Gould Directory Plus
20 37 Russel Brown FLC
21 35 Andrew Llewellyn Texas Roadhouse
DNF 7 Ian Burnett FLC
DNF 23 Austin McLenithan FLC

Men's 40+
Place Bib Name Team
1 104 Gaige Sippy Iron Horse Bicycle Classic
2 111 Kenny When Colavita NM
3 107 Jon Delacey DWC
4 106 Joe Burtoni DWC
5 101 Dave Hagen FLC
6 112 Eric Walecki
7 114 Jimmy Deaton Colavita
8 113 Robert Sonora DWC
9 115 Troy Hachmann
DNF 110 Doug Robison South Central Racing

Men's B
Place Bib Name Team
1 211 Scott Dahlberg DCCX
2 224 Sepp Kuss Durango DEVO
3 215 Garrett Alexander FLC
4 219 Travis Oliger DCCX
5 218 Steve Lamont DCCX
6 225 Jeff Fox Ciclistas del Rio
7 203 Ben Stratton Lost River Cycling
8 213 Jason Meininger DWC
9 227 Brandon McNellis DWC
10 221 Doug Robison South Central Racing
11 223 Rob Bergstrom DWC
12 200 Doug LaMunyon Ciclistas del Rio
13 209 Steven Morozowich DWC
14 226 Jay Duclo 2 Rivers Cycling
15 205 Jack McManus DWC
16 222 Steve Eccher
17 201 Rich Bagienski 3D Racing
18 220 Keith Evans Kokopeli
19 217 Walt Axthelm DWC
DNF 207 Joel Richards DWC
DNF 214 Greg Smith Smith Racing

Place Bib Name Team
1 407 Alex Bernholtz
2 405 Ian Campbell
3 406 Austin Cope
4 403 Paul Schwarting
5 408 Taz Vass
6 411 Rachel Vass
Place Bib Name Team
1 402 Evan Lake
2 400 Zach Baker
3 409 Sarah Vass
4 410 Claire Vass
5 404 Jameson Wahlquist

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dolores CX Course

Here is the plan for the Dolores CX course this year. Some of the twists and turns are subject to change, but the general plan will stay the same. Thank you again to Todd Wells for his help in design, and thanks to Scott Clow for taking the time to plot the course with GPS and making this file to post online. Click on the image to enlarge.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Dolores CX Clinic

Matt Shriver, FLC Cycling head coach and 2008 USA Cyclocross World Championships team member, will be offering a Cyclocross clinic at 10am prior to the afternoon of Cyclocross racing on Nov. 8 at Joe Rowell Park in Dolores. The clinic will cover the basics of Cyclocross mounts, dismounts, run ups, cornering technique, and Cyclocross race starts. Registration can be found online at http://www.bikereg.com/events/register.asp?eventid=9577 or can be done before the clinic on the day of the event. Cost for the clinic is $20 (does not include race registration or 1-day USAC license for rider insurance). For more information please contact Matt Shriver, FLC Cycling Coach at shriver_m@fortlewis.edu or (970) 946-5570.

FLC Cycling Cyclocross Camp

FLC Cycling Cyclocross Camp Instructed by FLC Coach Matt Shriver
2009 USA Cyclocross World Championships Team Member

The Who: Open to anyone, tailored for beginners-intermediate Cyclocross riders.
The What: Cyclocross Training Camp focusing on proper Cyclocross skills and Technique for racing and riding Cyclocross.
The When: Beginning November 6th on the FLC Campus at 3:30-5:30, and concludes in Dolores on November 8th at the Cyclocross race.
The Where: Camp will be held on the Fort Lewis Campus and in Dolores on Sunday, November 8th.

Camp description- The Cyclocross Camp will begin on November 6 and go through November 8th. Open to all levels of ability, but specifically for beginner to intermediate riders that are interested in racing Cyclocross and learning good technique and training principles specifically for Cyclocross.

Camp will cover basic skills and advanced techniques for Cyclocross racing and riding. The camp is spread out over 3 days of training and practice. Proper technique for Cyclocross mounts, dismounts, run ups, cornering technique, and Cyclocross race starts. Included in the camp will be a generalized training program for intermediate riders from the camps end date through the regional Cyclocross racing season to national Championships in December. Also included in the plan are Cyclocross Race Day preparation plans, recovery tips, bike set up tips for Cyclocross and more. The final day of the camp will be held in Dolores to cover the pre-race warm up routine and preparation. Camp fee does not include race entry fee into Dolores CX Race on November 8th.

Cost: The cost of the Cyclocross Camp is $100 and is limited to 20 riders to keep a quality riding and learning experience. Register here: http://www.bikereg.com/events/register.asp?eventid=9557

Contact: Please contact Matt Shriver, FLC Cycling Coach at shriver_m@fortlewis.edu or (970) 946-5570.

Friday Nov, 6th Meet on FLC Campus. Football Field Parking lot Starts at 3:30 and concludes at 5:30(Dark). Basic Technique and proper form will be covered. Receive Training Plan and Cyclocross tips packet.
Saturday, Nov. 7th Meet on FLC Campus in Football Field Lot at 10:00 am. Advanced Technique covered. Training session with learned technique. Concludes at 12:00 pm.
Sunday, Nov 8th Meet in Dolores, CO at 11:30 am. Pre-ride CX Course and go over your race plan. Warm up and prep for CX race. RACE! End camp at the Dolores Brewery with race party!

Monday, October 26, 2009

New Mexico Brevet Series - Black Mtn 300K

Had a great ride to close out the season. Despite very few miles in September because of vacation, I still had an ambitious goal of breaking 13hrs. Starting in Truth or Consequences, the route heads west up through Winston, over the Continental Divided into the Gila National Forest, turns around at Beaverhead and returns to T or C.

Well, I was at the 4th checkpoint at 2:30pm, with 80 miles and about 3700' of climbing to do in 4.5hrs. It was going to be close. Except for about 20 miles of climbing, it was mostly mild downhill and wind behind. I was doing the math head games all the way home. At 6pm, after 11 hours in the saddle and 1 hour off the bike at checkpoints, I had 21 miles to go. The wind had died a bit and the slope leveled off somewhat - so 21 mph for an hour was going to be tough. As 7pm approached, it was too dark to see the odometer, so I just had to crank it out and hope for the best. I pulled in to the finish at 6:57! Sore knees, sore back, tweaked hamstring - but goal accomplished!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fort Lewis Cyclocross Series Schedule

The Fort Lewis Cyclocross Series schedule has been announced. The Dolores CX Race is race two in the series. The races are included on our ride calendar above. Go race. Go watch. Go support local cycling events.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

CX Course Design

2008 Olympian, Todd Wells, shared his time and expertise with Ciclistas on Friday to tweek the Dolores CX course. The Specialized mountain bike and cyclocross racer added some twists and turns to the course from last year. It will include sand and stairs, a spiral section, a trip through the pavilion, and a few more drops off the levy to break up the long straight. Big thanks to Todd for his help and John Gilbert for making it happen.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rebecca Much @ Dolores CX

Women's pro, Rebecca Much, has confirmed she will be making the trip down from Boulder for our CX Race. Nice to have a USWCDP celeb coming in: silver medal in World's Junior TT back in the day.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fall Clothing Order

I forgot to mention –

Please e-mail me the items you want to order. I’ll still need you to mail or drop off the paper order form with your check for 50%, but if you can e-mail me your items before Monday morning, I will get the order placed on Monday. If I can get the order to Champion on Monday, we should be able to have clothing by Sept 30.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Fall Clothing Order

This year’s jersey has been a runaway success – Sol Cycles has sold out. Well, it’s not like we had a huge inventory, but still. Scott has also been selling through the CdR gloves. Not surprising, really, given the top quality of the gear and rock-bottom prices.

So it’s time to place another order, and you can get in on it, too. Clothing should be here by the end of September, in time for late summer rides, and for ‘Cross season (don’t forget your long sleeve jersey and knickers!). Attached is the order form. Print it, fill it out, add it up, and send it with a check for half the amount to:

Michael Henderson
Ciclistas del Rio
PO Box 8
Dolores, CO 81323

You can also drop off the form with your check at Sol Cycles (10a-6p Tues – Fri, 10a-2p Sat).

Don’t forget, if you were a member in 2008, your jersey this year is at cost!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Clothing Has Arrived!

Hola Ciclistas,

The first clothing order is finally here, and the new jerseys and shorts look great! A big thanks to Doug for designing the new "CdR" logo that replaces the Sol Cycles logo on front and back. A smaller Sol logo is now on the shoulder and left pocket. Dolores Food Market has joined as a sponsor, on the right pocket (thanks to the Osprey marketing department for helping me create that logo from scratch). The US Women's Cycling Development Program has a really nice, legible logo across the bottom of all 3 pockets. Finally, the Dolores River brewery logo was reversed so that it stands out clearer against the navy of the sleeve. For the shorts, Sol Cycles is still prominent on the thigh, with the new CdR logo added at the bottom of the leg near the elastic. Check the archives of the blog for a mock-up of all the clothing.

New for 2009, we have added CdR gloves and cycling caps. The caps are one-size fits all, and feature the new CdR logo as well as the full Ciclistas del Rio logo. The gloves feature the CdR logo on a navy background, and are available in sizes S - XL. We have 3 extra jerseys (M, L, XL), too. All of these items are available at Sol Cycles. Club member / non-member prices are:
Jersey - $50 / $70
Gloves - $17 / $25
Caps - $10 / $15.
Stop in and check 'em out! We don't have a lot, so get 'em while they last!

If you placed a custom order for clothing, you will have received a separate e-mail from me with your order detail and any amount due. You order is available for pick-up at Sol from Tuesday, June 30. Please give Scott any balance due when you pick up your order (checks made out to Ciclistas del Rio).

I've already had inquiries about the next order, so please let me know what you would like. As soon as we have 10 items, I will place the order, and we'll have it in 60 days. For sure there will be a second order going out around the end of August.

If you see me on the road posing in my new skin-suit, don't laugh too hard...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tues Ride and Wed Bike-to-Work

Tues evening hill ride out to House Creek again, 5:30 at Sol/Flanders.

And don’t forget that Wed 24th is Colorado Bike to Work day! For those that have been waiting for a good excuse to get out on the road, this is it!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Tues Eve Ride, 6/16

Doug is away in the Gila NF for work the next couple weeks, so couldn’t get this ride on the calendar in time.

For those interested, we’ll leave Sol Cycles at 5:30pm, warm up to the RV park on 145, then back for some hills out to House Creek.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tues Ride - House Creek

Weather permitting (!), this evening’s ride will leave at 5:30 from Sol Cycles, Dolores. Check the calendar for details…

Friday, June 5, 2009

Sat 6/6 and Sun 6/7 Rides

I added a ride to the calendar for this Saturday (June 6): Lizard Head Century, 6AM at Flanders Park in Dolores, (hope to be done by noon as I need to be on the river for the River Dog contest at Dolores River Days at 1:30). Honestly, I’m not expecting anyone to come out for this, but I wanted to use it as an example for the ride calendar. BUT, if anyone does want to join me, you know where and when. Alternatively, if you want to ride up 145 on Sat morning, I’ll see you on my way back down and we can ride back to Dolores together.

Sunday ride, 9AM as usual. Should be a nice day, avoiding the afternoon thunderstorms. I’ll be doing a recovery ride nice and easy. But others can go further or harder if they wish – we’ll see who wants to do what at Flanders Park.

Good weekend for a ride!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ride Calendar

If you build it... I am writing to invite you to add rides to the Ciclistas del Rio ride calendar for people to join. It seems to me that one of the great bonuses to cycling is that it can be a social sport, but that takes communication. I am happy to moderate the calendar if you will just take the time to email me your ride information: date/time/meeting place/ride description.

Easy ride? Hard ride? Single speed? Race? Sprint intervals? Throw it out there and maybe someone will join you. If they don't, it didn't cost anything to add it to the calendar (except for the carpal tunnel from typing too much).

Send your rides to: dlamunyon@gmail.com
Please try to give me some advance notice, but I will do the best I can. This is going to be a busy month for me. The sooner the better.

I have just added a Tuesday night ride for June 9. Check the calendar.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Clothing Order

Last chance to get your clothing orders in! We now have the minimum 10 pieces on order from members, so Doug and I will finalize and get the order to Champion Systems by the end of next week (May 1). Please e-mail me any additions or new orders before then. We will probably place another order sometime in the summer, or if we get orders for 10 pieces before then.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sunday Ride, April 5

Well, it looks horrible out here right now, but the forecast for Sunday looks great – trust me it will all blow through. With the arrival of April, we’ll move the ride time to 10am. Meet at Flanders Park across from Sol Cycles in Dolores. Remember, all abilities welcome, we can split the ride and tailor it to whatever people feel like.

I’ve been out racing and riding in Grand Junction and Albuquerque these past couple weekends, so I’m looking forward the good ole’ Sunday ride!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Manzano Mountainair 200k Brevet

Just completed the 200k brevet above, along the eastern front of the Manzano Mtns south of Albuquerque. 129 miles, 7300' of climbing. Completed it in 8hrs 42mins for an avg speed of 14.9mph. That included 41 mins for 2 check points / support stations, and 1 flat. Actual riding time was 8:01 for an avg speed of 16.2mph. Knees are sore but legs feel great - gotta say that Hammer Perpetuem is a damn good endurance fuel. (You can get some at Sol Cycles for a 20% discount!).

Naturally, I won't be riding on Sunday - so have a good time!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Mad Cow - Day 2

Oh my god, the wind. 30mph steady w/ 40 gusts at the start, and it just got worse. The parking lot was a raging dust bowl when I finally left at 3pm.

Made the lead group of 10 on the first climb, stayed together for 2/3 of the race. Last climb with about 10 miles to go tore it all up - from there we were strung out in ones and twos. I was 5th at the top of the climb, and tried to catch 4th place, but blew up in the effort. Slipped to 8th through the last uphill rollers, then worked my ass off on the screaming, mildly down, wind-behind run in to the finish to catch the rider in front and nip him at the line for 7th.

Overall Cat 5 position was 4th, I think - they didn't post times for the crit or RR, so hard to tell. There's a chance I was 3rd, but I'll take 4th.
TT - 5th
Crit - 3rd
RR - 7th
Overall - 4th

Nice start to the season, time to start doing those hill repeats!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mad Cow Classic

In Grand Jct for the Mad Cow Classic, racing Cat 5 'cos I can! This morning was a hill climb TT, 3.7mi 1070' in the CO Nat Monument. Nice course, a bit brutal for this time of the season as I haven't done enough intensity trianing. Averaged 12mph and 178bpm. Honestly, could have done more but I needed to do this to find out.

Just finished the crit. 3s, 4s, & 5s raced together, also brutal. Goal was not to be lapped. Hung with the main group for about 3.5 laps, then worked with another guy for about 8 laps before pulling away from him. Got lapped in the LAST HALF OF THE LAST LAP! Doh!

Not sure how I did in Cat 5. Results later this evening. Road Race tomorrow.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

CO Senate Bill 148 - Letter to Senator Isgar

Dear Senator Isgar:

As an avid cyclist and commuter, and vice-president of our local bike club in Dolores, I am asking you to support Senate Bill 148, as it will greatly improve road safety. Please retain the 3-foot safe passing distance!

Thank you very much for your support of cycling in Colorado,
Michael Henderson

Friday, February 6, 2009

2009 Mmembership!

Hola Ciclistas,

If you haven’t been out on a bike yet enjoying the unseasonably dry weather – it’s time to start thinking about the 2009 cycling season! We’ve already had a few nice rides around Cortez in January, and I’m sure the late winter and spring will bring more.

So if you’re thinking about riding the Iron Horse this year, or want to get those legs spinning before the mountain bike trails are ready, or just want to enjoy a great couple of hours riding in beautiful SW Colorado, please consider joining Ciclistas del Rio for 2009. Dues will be $25.00.

Official weekend group rides will start up in March, though informal rides have already begun, so feel free to e-mail this group if you want to join in. Other benefits for 2009 include:
· Club jerseys at Sol Cycles @ cost+10%
· Participation in clothing orders for custom Ciclistas gear @ cost+10% (Feb order for spring, June order for late summer)
· 20% off all bars, gels and nutrition products at Sol Cycles
· Partial cost of entry fee for a club tour (tour and amount to be determined).
Also, for 2009 members who were also members in 2007 or 2008, you’ll be able to order one new jersey at straight cost. With new sponsors and a new Ciclistas logo, we want to get as many riders as possible in the new kit!

A clothing order form and price list will be sent out in the next few days. We’ll want to get that order in by mid-February for clothing to be available mid-spring.

And, if you know of others who would be interested in joining Ciclistas, please forward this e-mail to them! Also, membership forms will be available at Sol Cycles in Dolores. Please bring your completed form with cash or check made payable to Ciclistas del Rio to Sol Cycles, 409 Central Ave, Dolores, or mail it to Ciclistas del Rio Membership, PO Box 8, Dolores, CO 81323.

Help support your local cycling community by becoming a club member today!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ride on Saturday 1/30, anyone?

It’s great weather for early season cycling right now, whether you want to get the cobwebs outta the legs, you’re training for those mountain bike events down south, or just want to get out and enjoy the day.

There have been a few ad hoc rides this month, mostly leaving from the Cortez Rec center at noon on Saturday. I’m up for moving the time slightly, but the middle of the day has been the warmest and most pleasant.

E-mail me back if you’re interested, even slightly interested but may not come, and I’ll send out an e-mail tomorrow confirming start time and location. We can tailor the ride to whatever we want – mostly I’m just interested in getting some miles in the saddle in the sun!

Friday, January 2, 2009

logging miles

Steve Wayman and I have enjoyed two nice rides to start the year off. He is starting to log his rides/miles so I am reposting information about a free online bike journal. Good luck with your winter training.

(from Jan. 08 blog entry)

If you are interested in logging your miles,
bikejournal.com is a free option on the web. You can track different bikes and kinds of rides while customizing the journal to set up columns of interest to you (ride time, routes, speed, HR, etc.).

I have also set up Ciclistas del Rio as a club on the site so you can attach yourself to the club and see how many miles our club members are racking up. The password to join our club is "ciclistas". If you have questions or need some help, send me an email.


2012 Dolores CX Results

2012 Dolores CX Results
Any questions concerning the results, please email CiclistasdelRio@gmail.com