2013 Amy Dombroski Memorial Dolores Cross

2013 Amy Dombroski Memorial Dolores Cross

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Manzano Mountainair 200k Brevet

Just completed the 200k brevet above, along the eastern front of the Manzano Mtns south of Albuquerque. 129 miles, 7300' of climbing. Completed it in 8hrs 42mins for an avg speed of 14.9mph. That included 41 mins for 2 check points / support stations, and 1 flat. Actual riding time was 8:01 for an avg speed of 16.2mph. Knees are sore but legs feel great - gotta say that Hammer Perpetuem is a damn good endurance fuel. (You can get some at Sol Cycles for a 20% discount!).

Naturally, I won't be riding on Sunday - so have a good time!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Mad Cow - Day 2

Oh my god, the wind. 30mph steady w/ 40 gusts at the start, and it just got worse. The parking lot was a raging dust bowl when I finally left at 3pm.

Made the lead group of 10 on the first climb, stayed together for 2/3 of the race. Last climb with about 10 miles to go tore it all up - from there we were strung out in ones and twos. I was 5th at the top of the climb, and tried to catch 4th place, but blew up in the effort. Slipped to 8th through the last uphill rollers, then worked my ass off on the screaming, mildly down, wind-behind run in to the finish to catch the rider in front and nip him at the line for 7th.

Overall Cat 5 position was 4th, I think - they didn't post times for the crit or RR, so hard to tell. There's a chance I was 3rd, but I'll take 4th.
TT - 5th
Crit - 3rd
RR - 7th
Overall - 4th

Nice start to the season, time to start doing those hill repeats!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mad Cow Classic

In Grand Jct for the Mad Cow Classic, racing Cat 5 'cos I can! This morning was a hill climb TT, 3.7mi 1070' in the CO Nat Monument. Nice course, a bit brutal for this time of the season as I haven't done enough intensity trianing. Averaged 12mph and 178bpm. Honestly, could have done more but I needed to do this to find out.

Just finished the crit. 3s, 4s, & 5s raced together, also brutal. Goal was not to be lapped. Hung with the main group for about 3.5 laps, then worked with another guy for about 8 laps before pulling away from him. Got lapped in the LAST HALF OF THE LAST LAP! Doh!

Not sure how I did in Cat 5. Results later this evening. Road Race tomorrow.

2012 Dolores CX Results

2012 Dolores CX Results
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