2013 Amy Dombroski Memorial Dolores Cross

2013 Amy Dombroski Memorial Dolores Cross

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Clothing Order Sign Up

Now that we have the design dialed in, clothing orders can happen whenever our club has an order of at least ten main items (jerseys, shorts, jackets). Custom clothing orders are available to race level Ciclistas members (see below for a reminder about the benefits of joining at the race level).

We have a sign up for race level club members to order Ciclistas clothing at Sol Cycles. Drop in and sign up as you decide you need an item.

Order process:
1. Club members sign up at Sol Cycles
2. When the list has ten main items, we will send an email and make a blog post giving other members one more week to get on the list.
3. The order is submitted--one week later 50% of your purchase price is due.
4. Six weeks after order--the balance of your order is due.
5. Delivery typically happens six to eight weeks after the order is submitted.
6. Pick up clothing at Sol Cycles.


Racing Membership - $60 - Join club rides - Custom club clothing orders at 40% discount - Order Hutchison tires at 40% discount - Order Hammer / E-Caps products at 40% discount - Order Time shoes / pedals at 40% discount - 20% Sol Cycles discount * The Hutchison/Hammer/Time products are available through our relationship with Michael Engleman and the United States Women's Cycling Development Program. Ciclistas hopes to support the program's commitment to Dolores by using their sponsors' products.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Colorado Springs Races

For the second Sat race, I rode in the 4-5 crit, on a course that was shorter than Iron Horse, but with a hill very much like it. I hung in for the entire race; field was about 40 riders. It was really windy, and even though guys would get off the front, nothing would stick. As we came through S/F with one lap to go, 2 guys got a bit of a gap, maybe 20-30 meters. We were heading towards a 180 degree turn around a boulevard, so I jumped across, bringing another guy with me. Karen got a great shot of my move. The 4 of us consolidated the gap, made the 180, and bang, an old woman drove onto the course right passed a four feet tall barricade. We all sat up, freewheeled just a second or two, and the group came back just as we were getting ourselves reorganized. Meanwhile the old lady, freaks out, and goes speeding down the road on what turns out to be the wrong side of the road/boulevard. I wound up finishing 21st -- such luck.

The Saturday TT was 12.75 everything but flat miles. The race was Open category with most of the 54 rider field being 1's, 2's, and 3's. I finished 37th overall, but 3rd when the results are broken down by category.

Sunday, I raced 3-4 for the RR. It was pretty much a 3’s race. Field of about 75. Super windy with a steep downhill, tailwind start. We hit near 60mph on the descent, had to bang a right hand corner with all that speed, turns out there was a crash in Pros who started 10 minutes prior. On the sides of the road, was a van and an ambulance, and about six guys laying in the gutter with broken bikes, wheels, and what looked like a couple of broken collar bones. The van on the left side was in my line, so I locked up by bike, skidding but staying upright. I was not the only gripped riders; you could smell burning brake pads in the group. I missed the van, but by now the group is stringing out single file. I spent the next 5 miles or so, on the rivet, trying to stay out of the wind as we approached the 4-5 mile climb back to start finish. Needless to say, I was gassed and was one of the many guys coming unhooked from the group about half way up the climb. On the descent, the second time, I caught another rider, but he wasn’t too interested in working with me. Even though he had better legs than me on that flat headwind section, he thought he could make the next group up the road without me, and I had to let go. So I rode the climb into the cross head wind, alone. Then I decided to pull the plug midway and get an early start on the way home.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Vuelta A Bosque, Day 2 (Criterium)

OK, I was never in this one. Legs were like lead and I was dropped by the middle of the 2nd lap! Still, I came here to race, so I kept at it, basically a 40 min time trial. And, I did not finish last - catching and passing another dropped rider about half way through. Finished about 2 mins down. Eric was up there for a while, before he got spat out the back as well. He had a long drive back to Texas, so decided to get a headstart on that.

So for the weekend, I was 9th out of 15 starters, 10 finishers. I'm pretty happy with that, considering this was a training race and I did not taper for it. Learned a lot for the Tour of the Gila in a week and a half. (Spencer Compton of Durango Wheel club won the TT, RR and GC for the weekend - go Four Corners cycling!).

Anyone got a set of aero bars I can try for the Gila? That will make a huge difference in the time trial if I can get comfortable at high speeds with them. Let me know!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Vuelta A Bosque, Day 1

It started early with a 7 mile time trial at 7am. Very nice course on excellent new roads with little traffic, south of the ABQ airport. 1/2 mile 7% hill in the last mile and a half - ouch! I ended up in the middle of the pack at 18:19 - quite satisfied for my first racing time trial.

Hooked up with new Ciclistas member Eric Strong before the start of the road race at 1pm. Eric is a friend of Doug's and joins us from west Texas - where he says he can't find enough racers to train with.

40 mile out'n'back road race with a 20mph headwind going out, tailwind returning. I felt great for the first 15 miles, and then got on the wrong side of an echelon for far too long, and got dropped on the rollers at mile 22. I was dead last at that point! Up ahead the accelerations in the bunch were starting to shell more people, including Eric. I caught up with him (siempre los farolitos rojos por los Ciclistas!) and together we started to reel in more. Caught two more on our way to the finish, and nearly caught another pair at the line, just 3 seconds down. Good strong finish, I just gotta figure out a way to get through miles 20-30 without getting dropped! Times have not been posted yet, so I'm not sure how far back of the bunch we were.

40 minute criterium tomorrow - goal for me is to finish without getting lapped!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lessons for Ciclistas

Don't raise your hands until you've actually won.

College A race in Fruita, CO with the reigning National Crit Champ getting pipped at the line.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Sunday Ride Time Change

Let's meet at 10:00 AM in Flanders Park-- temps should be in the mid 40's, warming to near 60. Plan on at least 2.5 hours with an option for another 1.5 hours. If we have a large enough group, we will work once again focus on the long pull.

2012 Dolores CX Results

2012 Dolores CX Results
Any questions concerning the results, please email CiclistasdelRio@gmail.com